Netflix Gems: Timecrimes (Los Cronocrímenes)

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If you like time travel movies then you will not be disappointed with Spanish film Timecrimes, currently streaming on Netflix.

While Héctor is inspecting the forest behind his house through his binoculars he spots a woman undressing. His wife is out shopping, so he decides to get closer to see her better. When he arrives where she was he finds her lying on the ground and unconscious. While he is examining her a creepy stranger with bandages in his head attacks him leaving him with a wound in his arm. Héctor runs away and finds refuge in a nearby research facility run by a strange scientist who prompts him to hide inside a device which, we later find out, is a time machine.


Héctor is sent some 90 minutes into the past, and now has to avoid creating a time paradox, which as the scientist explains, means that he needs to ensure that everything plays the way it played the first time. But this isn't easy with the bandaged man, the girl, the weird scientist and his own past persona all out there. The smallest change can roll out a completely different set of events. But at least, if anything goes wrong he can travel back in time once again to have another chance at fixing things up...


Timecrimes is a low budget movie in Spanish (with English subtitles). It does not have flashy special effects, but it has a very entertaining plot. I'm not embedding the trailer because it reveals too much. I believe it will ruin some of the twists and surprises in the plot. This movie is best enjoyed without knowing anything about it!

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