Consulting Services

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I currently have some availability to help you with your project.

What services do I provide? Here are some examples:

  • Software architecture and API design advice
  • Security review of your project
  • Advice on cloud configurations, deployment or scalability concerns
  • Assistance with Python, JavaScript, Socket.IO, Flask, FastAPI, SQLAlchemy or any of my open source projects
  • Asynchronous programming assistance with gevent, eventlet, asyncio or JavaScript
  • Troubleshooting code that does not work as intended
  • Tutor you on any of the topics I regularly cover on my blog

I'm also available to work for you on short or medium term projects, especially if they have an interesting or challenging aspect to them.

Reach out to me to discuss your needs by email (replacing the at and dot appropriately) or through my social media accounts, and if I can help you I'll be happy to provide a quote.