Netflix Gems: Castaway On The Moon

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Castaway On The Moon

In this romance-comedy-drama movie from South Korea, a man jumps into the river from a bridge to commit suicide, but instead of dying he washes up on the shore of a small deserted island in the middle of the water.

Back in the mainland, a chronically depressed woman spends her days locked up in her room, taking pictures of the moon through her window. When she spots the man in the island she begins to follow his ordeals through the zoom lens of her camera.

Castaway On The Moon

Castaway on the Moon streams on Netflix. It is spoken in Korean and has English subtitles. Below is the trailer:

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  • #1 Leigh Standish said

    Searched for this in the streaming service on my smart tv and computer... was this removed from the streaming library?

  • #2 Miguel Grinberg said

    Looks like it is not on Neflix anymore. It's a pity, it was a great movie.

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