Learn Socket.IO with Python and JavaScript in 90 Minutes!

The video below contains a complete 90 minute Socket.IO course using Python and JavaScript.

This is the list of chapters, each with a link to the code for each part of the tutorial:


  • #1 Lawrence said 2021-04-06T01:40:54Z

    Hi Miguel, loving the content, I have a query on sockets use. If I have a user selecting a date range and the data is fetched from database using a loop in a class method, one day at a time, would this be a good use case for sockets or would you recommend another approach?

  • #2 Miguel Grinberg said 2021-04-06T10:55:46Z

    @Lawrence: you may want to also consider streaming for your use case, which is easier to implement.

  • #3 Braian said 2021-04-27T03:09:50Z

    Hi Miguel,

    I managed to connect to a websocket server to get information stream and at the same time, using socket io to deliver that information in real time with no luck. Do you know if it’s possible to use Flask server as a client to capture the info and then send it to clients through socket io in real-time?



  • #4 Miguel Grinberg said 2021-04-27T22:09:50Z

    @Braian: if you have code to connect to this WebSocket service in Python you should be able to use it inside a Flask application, maybe in a background thread so that it does not interfere with the server.

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