Flask Webcast #2: Request and Application Contexts

In this live webcast I explain what is the purpose of the request and application contexts in Flask, and why sometimes you get these weird errors about them.


  • #1 fbu said 2018-04-28T18:30:19Z

    Hi Miguel,

    Thanks a million for this video, much appreciated!

    One question: the contexts seem to be looked up via Werkzeug utilities. Is that still true if we serve our app through a different server as eg gunicorn?

    Thanks for your help and best wishes Felix

  • #2 Miguel Grinberg said 2018-04-29T16:26:56Z

    @fbu: Yes. The support for the context implementation is in Werkzeug, but it is separate from the Werkzeug web server and works regardless of the web server that you use.

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