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Using a Chromebook for Web Development

Google Chromebook

Have you seen anybody using a Chromebook yet? These are slim, lightweight laptops that run ChromeOS, an operating system made by Google that is designed around the Chrome web browser. If you want a laptop that you can use for doing your email, watching Netflix and other tasks you can easily do in a web browser, then a Chromebook is a very good choice, and also cheap, since most models are in the $150-$300 price range.

They also make great travel laptops if you are going on vacation or to a conference. The problem for me is that when I travel, I spend a fair amount of time coding (this is an addiction I do not want to get rid of!). So I decided to buy one and try to configure it in a way that is suitable for web development on the move. In this article I'm going to go over three different approaches to do that. (December 2018 update: there is now a fourth way that I will cover in a new article).



How To Teach A Young Kid To Play Chess

My eight year old son has been asking me to teach him how to play chess for several months. I honestly avoided it because I worried that he was too young to learn, I did not want him to become frustrated with the game before he was able to memorize all the rules for how the pieces move and actually play.

Well, he couldn't take it anymore and yesterday (his first day of summer vacation) he cornered me and made me promise I was going to teach him.