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Hey Miguel, What Are You Working On These Days?

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People are always curious about what I do at work. Up until some months ago, I was employed by Rackspace and worked on OpenStack development, something that made total sense and required no additional explanation. But then, in November of 2015 I decided to leave Rackspace to join an unknown little startup called SDVI Corporation. I have been working with them since.

I am constantly asked what is this SDVI thing, so I decided to put it in writing. Now, in the spirit of full disclosure, this isn't a completely innocent idea. SDVI is growing and is hiring full-stack developers, so with this article I not only want to satisfy your curiosity, but also pitch the company to those of you who might find that what we do is interesting.

UPDATE: I'm leaving this article up, but note that as of October 2016 I have left SDVI. If you are interested in applying to one of their jobs, please contact them directly, I am not involved with this company anymore.



About Me

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Hi, my name is Miguel. I'm a software engineer, but also tinker with photography and filmmaking when I have time. I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, but I lived most of my adult life in Portland, Oregon, USA, the place that comes to mind when I think of home. As of 2018 I'm living in Ireland.

The software that powers this blog was all written by myself. It seemed like a pretty interesting project to write a blog engine from scratch, and now that I have a blog software that I like, I might as well use it!