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Netflix Gems: Buried

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Paul Conroy is a civilian contractor working in Iraq. After being attacked and kidnapped, he finds himself buried alive in a coffin somewhere in the desert. His captor left a bunch of items with him, among them a cell phone. He calls him and requests $5 million to let him go. Paul now needs to arrange his own rescue by making phone calls before he runs out of air.


Netflix Gems: The Red Violin (Le Violon Rouge)

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The Red Violin tells the amazing story of a musical instrument from its birth, more than three centuries ago, to the present day. The film has a complex structure (though quite easy to follow) with five different timelines, each telling a significant episode in the life of the instrument.

The Red Violin


Netflix Gems: Timecrimes (Los Cronocrímenes)

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If you like time travel movies then you will not be disappointed with Spanish film Timecrimes, currently streaming on Netflix.


Netflix Gems: Castaway On The Moon

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Castaway On The Moon

In this romance-comedy-drama movie from South Korea, a man jumps into the river from a bridge to commit suicide, but instead of dying he washes up on the shore of a small deserted island in the middle of the water.



Netflix Gems: The Double Hour (La Doppia Ora)

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The Double Hour

In this Italian thriller from director Giuseppe Capotondi, hotel maid Sonia meets security guard Guido at a speed dating club. The day he takes her to visit the rich man's house he guards, a band of masked assailants make an appearance to rob the many valuables kept in the house. Guido ends up dead, but Sonia survives, only to be haunted by visions of her dead boyfriend that make her question her sanity.