Flask Book and PyCon Update

With my book already available for pre-order at Amazon.com I thought an update is in order.

If you look in the Amazon page the release date was set sometime in May 2014. I suppose this date is based on the writing deadline I agreed to in my contract, which is in February, plus the time the publisher needs to get the print version of the book out. It is quite possible that the book will show up as an early release e-book well before the official publication date.

You probably want to have an idea of progress. I'm happy to report that I have finished the writing part. I'm currently doing a review pass to edit the material and ensure there is consistency across chapters. I'm also working with awesome technical reviewers from the Python community that will make sure the quality is up there where you and I want it to be.

I imagine you also want to have some idea of the contents. The book is structured as a large tutorial that spans the entire book, with the chapters logically grouped into three parts.

In Part I the Flask framework and several core extensions are introduced. Here you'll learn about view functions, templates, web forms and databases, all within the context of single-file applications. A section on how Flask works under the hood is also included in this part. In the last chapter of this part a multi-file structure for larger applications is introduced.

In Part II the multi-file structure presented at the end of Part I is used as a base to build a social blogging application. This part has chapters devoted to user authentication, user roles, administration, followers, blog post timelines, user comments and APIs. The application featured in this part is, in my opinion, several orders of magnitude better than the microblog application of the Mega-Tutorial. Blueprints are used in several of the chapters, for example, giving the application a much more clean and scalable structure. I have made an effort to follow best practices, and to be more Pythonic than in my Mega-Tutorial articles.

Part III covers the tasks required to publish the application. In this part topics such as unit testing, performance analysis, logging, deployment and application updates are covered.

The example application developed throughout the book will be hosted on github by the time the book is out, and of course you'll have access to it even if you don't buy the book.

Note that this book is not targeted at complete Python beginners. To make the best of this book you need some previous Python coding experience, and in particular a good understanding of packages, modules and classes is highly recommended. Familiarity with git and client-side technologies is also useful.

Flask Tutorial at PyCon

I thought I'd also mention that I will be hosting an in-depth three hour long Flask tutorial at PyCon in Montréal, Canada on Thursday, April 10, 2014.

If you decide to register for my class, you will have the opportunity to see me build an original, fully featured application that I'm developing specially for the event, all in front of your eyes, while I explain myself at every step and answer your questions.

If you want to learn the "Flask way" in a hands-on setting then I hope you will consider joining me in Montréal.

For PyCon registration information please visit this page. To have more information about my tutorial session visit this page, or ask me below in the comments.



  • #1 Stéphan Bellegy said :

    No doubt that with all the energy and good will you put in explaining Flask and the quality of your Mega-Tutorial, it's gonna be a must-read for web dev :-) I'm definetly looking forward to read it. So best wishes for 2014 !

  • #2 frost_asm said :

    Great news. I'm looking forward for your book! Are you going to release a book in electronic format?

  • #3 Miguel Grinberg said :

    @frost_asm: Yes, the book is going to be published by O'Reilly, it will be available both in print and electronic form.

  • #4 Aseem said :

    Very glad to hear that the book is available for pre-order. I read your flask mega tutorial with great interest. And based on that, the moment I found about about the book, I pre-ordered it. Looking forward to receiving it.

  • #5 mark d said :

    Any estimate on the pre-release date? I dont want to pre-order from amazon, becasue I want the pre-release from Oreilly.

  • #6 Miguel Grinberg said :

    @mark: Unfortunately I don't have an estimate for the early release, this does not depend on me entirely. I'll send and announcement to all that signed up for info on flaskbook.com when it is available, and will also post on Twitter and FB, so make sure you get my updates either way.

  • #7 finch said :

    hi, congrats from china, i would like to buy this book in PDF version,you know that it is hard to get the paperback from china. and kindle version too, any ideas for people not in USA? :)

  • #8 Miguel Grinberg said :

    @finch: the book isn't out yet. When it is, it'll also be available in several e-book formats.

  • #9 dowlf said :

    Book preodered. Thanks for all the great tutorials.

  • #10 stef_k said :

    Just found the update and preordered, waiting for the pre or release date.

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