Easy WebSockets with Flask and Gevent

This weekend I decided to take a short vacation from my book writing effort and spend time on a project I wanted to work on for a long time. The result of this effort is a brand new Flask extension that I think is pretty cool.

I'm happy to introduce Flask-SocketIO, a very easy to use extension that enables WebSocket communications in Flask applications.


Fun With The Arduino Esplora: A Digital Picture Frame

Posted by Miguel Grinberg under Arduino, C++.

With this article I kick off my series on the Arduino Esplora board. Today's project is a nice (and cheap!) little digital picture frame that uses the Esplora's TFT Screen add-on.

Flask Book and PyCon Update

With my book already available for pre-order at Amazon.com I thought an update is in order.


RESTful Authentication with Flask

This article is the fourth in my series on RESTful APIs. Today I will be showing you a simple, yet secure way to protect a Flask based API with password or token based authentication.


Flask-PageDown: Markdown Editor Extension for Flask-WTF

(I can't help it. I keep coming up with ideas for cool Flask extensions.)

If you've asked or answered a question on Stack Overflow you have seen the editor that they use. You type your text using Markdown syntax in a standard text area HTML control and below it a preview is generated as you type. This editor is powered by an open source project called PageDown.

Today I'm introducing Flask-PageDown, a wrapper extension that makes it really easy to add this control to your Flask-WTF based forms.


Flask-Moment: Flask and Jinja2 Integration with moment.js

If you followed my Mega-Tutorial articles you may remember that I dedicated an entire article to the topic of rendering dates and times.

I needed to revisit this problem for my upcoming book, and this time I decided to package this functionality in an extension. That is how Flask-Moment was born.


How to build and run MJPG-Streamer on the Raspberry Pi

It's been a while since I wrote the article on streaming video from the Raspberry Pi using MJPG-Streamer. Since I published that article I have received several comments and questions regarding issues building MJPG-Streamer, so in this short post I'm giving you revised build instructions.


Flask-Migrate: Alembic database migration wrapper for Flask

In this post I introduce you to Flask-Migrate, a new database migration handler for Flask based on Alembic that I just made public.


The Package Dependency Blues

Today I'm going to tell you a story. This is a true story about a web developer that I will call Peter.

Peter is the author of a web application that I will call App. He wrote App in Python, using a relatively popular web framework and a handful of packages that extend the framework with additional features. The actual names of these packages aren't important to the story, so I will call the framework Foo, and one of its extensions Bar.


Designing a RESTful API using Flask-RESTful

This is the third article in which I explore different aspects of writing RESTful APIs using the Flask microframework.

The example RESTful server I wrote before used only Flask as a dependency. Today I will show you how to write the same server using Flask-RESTful, a Flask extension that simplifies the creation of APIs.